ADI Thermal Corp.’s management team is highly experienced in research, development and product design, bringing together over 60 years of combined experience leading research activities, large-scale programs and new designs at Boeing, Ford, and Microsoft corporations.

• Wayne Bliesner, CEO and Founder – 20 years as research scientist at Boeing. Proven researcher holding over three dozen patents Wayne Bliesner is the CEO and Founder of ADI Solar. He holds a BSCE and MSCE in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Washington and has been researching and developing alternative energy power generation technologies for over fifteen years. Mr. Bliesner is an expert scientist and physicist, with an advanced understanding of chemical reactions, metallurgy, and liquid chemistry. As a distinguished scientist and engineer at Boeing for over 20 years, he has a detailed understanding and experience in building large-scale applications of complex programs. Mr. Bliesner holds the patents for the Chemical Reactor Storage system and High-Efficiency Dual Shell Stirling Engine. He is the system architect for the program and has special expertise and background in complex system design and chemical reactions.

•Gerald Fargo, VP Engineering – After 15 years as Engineer, Project Mgr. and Product Mgr at Boeing, Ford, and Dynacs, Gerald collaborated with Wayne Bliesner in establishing and building the ADI alternative energy companies ADI Thermal and ADI Solar, performing all required functions up to and including that of Executive VP. His strong technical background includes fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, automotive acoustics, solar optics, computational methods, CAD software development, CNC machining, correlation of test to theory, overall product design, and test to reliability. Gerald Fargo holds BS degrees in Aero/Astro Engineering and in Finance from the Univ. of Illinois. He also holds the patent for the Side-Focusing Heliostat.

•Leigh Felton, VP Marketing & Business Strategy – 14 years program & operations management at Microsoft Leigh Felton is a highly skilled strategic business executive and program manager, with a track record of significant organization contribution. With over 14 years as an executive at Microsoft Corporation, Ms. Felton is a Principle Partner at ADI, and holds an MBA in Business Communications in Management from City University in Seattle, WA. She has been working with ADI over the past year to refine the commercialization plan and attain the funding necessary to produce demonstrable hardware to move forward with mass-production and availability of the systems to the market.

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